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Sadly (quite), 70-80% of them are PH referrals (free traffic) and I'm aware that my earnings will have deductions but come to think of it, I only paid around $35 to start with Yoonla. So heads up guys, I still think Yoonla is one of the best CPA platforms out there. Thank you Reno Van Boven and the rest of the squad. Cheers!"

- Tom
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As a Yoonla™ VIP member you will have access to the exclusive Yoonla CPA affiliate program where you can earn commissions for generating lead referrals when people create their free Yoonla Foundation membership.​​
On top of that, as a Yoonla™ VIP member, you will also be able to earn VIP bonus commissions, of up to $25 per VIP referral, whenever one on your lead referrals upgrades to become a Yoonla™ VIP.

​This will earn you an instant $15 VIP bonus commission on the 1st tier.
Then whenever one of your VIP referrals also starts generating VIP referrals, you will earn another $10 VIP bonus commission on all their VIP referrals on the 2nd tier.

For Example:

Yoonla VIP member generates 50 lead referrals from the UK/CANADA/USA = $200

Of those 50 lead referrals, 10 people become a Yoonla™ VIP = $150 (10 X $15 commission)

Each one of those 10 VIP referrals goes on to also generate 10 VIP referrals = $1000 (10 X 10 X $10 commission)

Total commission for you: $1350